Open XAML without design editor in Visual Studio

Just a quick post about Visual Studio setting that disables the design editor for XAML files. If you prefer to work only with source code without Designer, you can configure it in the Tools -> Options:

  • For Visual Studio 2013 enable the setting Always open documents in full XAML view in the Text Editor -> XAML -> Miscellaneous

Disable XAML design editor in Visual Studio 2013

  • For Visual Studio 2015 set the Default document view to Source View¬†in the XAML Designer¬†-> General

Disable XAML design editor in Visual Studio 2015

P4Merge integration

Perforce P4Merge is a great free diff and 3-way merge tool that has very good visualization of differences and conflicts. In this post I’ll show how to integrate it to the popular clients of version control systems and to the Visual Studio.

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