ConfigEx 2.1.0

I’d like to introduce a library for accessing app settings in the App.config and Web.config. Unlike standard ConfigurationManager, ConfigEx additionally allows reading configs of other assemblies used in the project. Moreover, it is strongly typed, has a mechanism of settings overriding and allows apply automatic conversion of values.

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WPF Async Pack

WPF Async Pack is a small library for creating asynchronous WPF applications. It’s not a framework, it was created mainly for the small applications where installing heavy frameworks is just overkill. It doesn’t have any dependencies and contains such the most used classes as AsyncCommand and BaseViewModel.

The library can be installed through the NuGet:

PM> Install-Package WpfAsyncPack

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Skype Auto Recorder 1.3.4 released

LogoToday I’ve released version 1.3.4 of Skype Auto Recorder!

Ready-to-use application you can find on Downloads page.

Documentation was also updated and contains description of the new features and even more details about old ones.

Sources for each release are in separate branches from now. For the current version they can be retrieved from the Release_1.3.4 branch.

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Recording Skype calls. Part 2. Skype Auto Recorder

SkypeAutoRecorder logoIn the first part I have explained how to use Skype API and posted some code examples. In this part I will tell you about result of my work – an open-source application SkypeAutoRecorder that is used now in the conference room and workplaces in my company for recording Skype conversations.

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